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Normal Day In Megacity - Greyscale by SamuelGraphite Normal Day In Megacity - Greyscale by SamuelGraphite
11. March 2017, 01:27 - Another work that was supposed to be a fast one ended up dragging on for a couple of days. I'm out of touch. The quality seems a bit lacking but I'm proud how it turned out. This is a nice exercise where I practice some motion and action, in contrast to my previous works. Because I have to do it someday. I drew this to show you how Judge Dredd would look like if I had the power to produce Dredd. I liked the old-school zaney scifi setting from the comics with silly robots and laser pistols. But I always thought that Dredd's outfit looked silly and impractical to some degree. I can't imagine it being comfortable to wear a large eagle pauldron on your shoulder and looking through an X-shaped visor. But I liked that the Judge uniforms had that Mad Max look with those tight motorist leather outfits. I clearly took some inspiration from the Dredd 3D movie with a more modern and practical look for Dredd with the kevlar vest, which I shortened to just be a combat vest used to wear the badge and those smaller, more practical pauldrons. The right pauldron is a callback to the original striped pauldron while the left pauldron has engraved image to symbolize the eagle and its wings. I removed the ridiculous red X symbol from the helmet and enlarged the visor a bit. Otherwise I left Dredd's uniform similar to how it was in the comics. The watergun looking lawgiver was changed to the one looking similar to the lawgiver in 3D.

I love Walter the Robo-servant and Maria the italian maid from the comics. Two idiot sidekicks agitating Dredd constantly :D What's not to like? So I added Walter the Wobot. He has a robot lisp that impedes his speech, because science! Or programming? I included the Megacity in the background as it is in the comics to fill all the empty space.
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