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NCR Veteran Ranger - Fallout New Vegas Fan-art by SamuelGraphite NCR Veteran Ranger - Fallout New Vegas Fan-art by SamuelGraphite
1. February 2017, 09:13 - Shoutout to for letting me modify their symbol resources!!

Like many, this was supposed to be a fast & easy work. It wasn't. It was long & tedious process. I feel like crap, and tired as hell. Pulled out an all nighter to complete this in a short time. Also, I'm thirsty & hungry as hell. I'm going to write this off my chest & then go to bed. Hopefully you'll enjoy this. I managed to put surprisingly a lot of mood, tone & atmosphere into this. It's plain that I was inspired by New Vegas wallpaper. But aside from that, I wanted to make this after I did the classic NCR ranger as a comparison to how the rangers in the two games looks. I also saved the NCR flag for this one, whereas the previous had the billboard to rely on environmental storytelling. I thought that this work would go to shitter, but it turned out alright in the end. There just were too many things that didn't go as smoothly as I'd liked. Because classic NCR went that smoothly. But it's the finished look that counts. And this one is quite the beauty queen.

24. March 2017, 13:44 - Slightly better contrast, added Fallout logo and darkened the straps on his chest and hip, somewhat ruining it a little. I feel like George Lucas going back to tamper with his work...
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